group training
Custom Company Training
Are you looking to train your company staff as a group?
We offer on-site customized training for your business/organization.  Request a quote.
You are welcome to book our board room here in Kentville on specific dates or we can come to your location.
Safety training together as a workplace is always a great motivating experience.
Emergency First Aid CPR AED Level C is one day course
Standard First Aid CPR AED Level C is Two Days.
Recerts are Half the course time but certificates CAN NOT be expired.
Ask us for Details.


  • Confined Space Entry (for NS or Federal workplaces)
  • Effective OHS Committees (for Federal or NS workplaces)
  • Effective Safety Leadership
  • Energy Lock-out/Tag-out
  • Fall Protection (for NS or Federal workplaces)
  • Hazard ID and Control
  • Incident Investigation
  • OHS Rights and Responsibilities
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Culture
  • Trenching and Excavation
  • Workplace Electrical Safety
  • Workplace Inspection
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Management



First Aid Incorporated

BraveHeart offers first aid courses 7 days a week here in Kentville. You are welcome to use our DIRECT DELIVERY and book a seat or as many as you need. (18 seats a day) We welcome newcomers and re-certifications (“recerts”) for those who’ve certified before. Reminder in order to RECERT, you CAN NOT be expired. Certification is valid for three years from the course date. Please contact us for locations, dates, times, prerequisites, and prices. WE ALSO CAN TRAVEL TO YOUR LOCATION FOR GROUP COURSES.

We travel to you for Corporate or Group bookings. Contact us for groups Rates. We bring the gear required to host your course at your chosen location. You can also book BraveHeart Training Room for a Private Group Course. We are always set up for social distancing. You are welcome to book our training center for private groups. Ask for Details.


Due to the different prices based on recert qualifications, expiry dates, time required in a course. Prices are listed when you register. Feel free to contact us directly for price questions. When you click REGISTER NOW, the drop down menu will be detailed. Once you Book a course, our information for Expectations, Map for BraveHeart and Covid details will be automatically sent to you.

BraveHeart First Aid