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BraveHeart offers first aid courses 7 days a week here in Kentville. You are welcome to use our DIRECT DELIVERY and book a seat or as many as you need. (18 seats a day) We welcome newcomers and re-certifications (“recerts”) for those who’ve certified before. Reminder in order to RECERT, you CAN NOT be expired. Certification is valid for three years from the course date. Please contact us for locations, dates, times, prerequisites, and prices. WE ALSO CAN TRAVEL TO YOUR LOCATION FOR GROUP COURSES.

We travel to you for Corporate or Group bookings. Contact us for groups Rates. We bring the gear required to host your course at your chosen location. You can also book BraveHeart Training Room for a Private Group Course. We are always set up for social distancing. You are welcome to book our training center for private groups. Ask for Details.


Due to the different prices based on recert qualifications, expiry dates, time required in a course. Prices are listed when you register. Feel free to contact us directly for price questions. When you click REGISTER NOW, the drop down menu will be detailed. Once you Book a course, our information for Expectations, Map for BraveHeart and Covid details will be automatically sent to you.

BraveHeart First Aid

Online Blended Learning Option

Theory Online/In Person Skills Session

It Reduces Classroom Time in Half


(please specify from among the following)

  • Emergency Basic First AID CPR AED (Basic) -Online Course/1/2 Day In Person
  • CPR AED-Online Course/1/2 Day In Person
  • Standard Intermediate First AID CPR AED (Intermediate)-Online Course/1 Day In Person
  • Marine Basic First AID-Online Course/1 Day In Person

Your level of CPR will be completed during in-person skills session
Choose from Levels C, BLS/HCP


Level C is Valid 3 Years

Duration: Online Course is SELF Paced
In Class Skills Session Time: 1/2 Day to 1 Day (Depending on course selected)
Exact details will be provided from Registrar

Certificate: Temporary Certificate when ONLINE portion is completed. 3 Year Certificate awarded when in-person skills are completed

REMINDER: The Online Portion takes a few hours before delivered to your inbox directly from Canadian Red Cross



Emergency Basic First Aid CPR AED (Basic)
Level A, C, BLS/HCP (please specify)
Duration: 1 day 9:00-4:30

(RECERT is 1/2 Day)
Certificate valid for three years.

(LEVEL C is MOST COMMON-Means it COVERS all skills for Baby, Adult & Child)

This Course covers the knowledge and first aid principals of helping someone in an emergency.  Many skills are covered in the 1 day.  Skills such as CPR, choking saves, how to use an AED machine, bleeding, tourniquets, heart attacks, stroke, asthma, anaphylaxis, recovery position and more..

OHS regulations for Nova Scotia State this course is for for employers who are 1-19 Staff.

New in this Province, We now call this course Basic First AID CPR AED.  Both Emergency & Basic are on your certification so you can use anywhere in Canada.

Once over 19 staff, you require the higher course called Standard or NEW wording its called Intermediate.


BraveHeart First Aid

Standard Intermediate First Aid CPR AED
Level A, C, BLS/HCP (please specify)
Duration: 2 days

Certificate valid for three years.

This Course is 2 days in length.  The skills and Knowledge covered in the one day Emergency Basic first aid CPR AED course is day 1 in this course.  You then continue onto the day 2 which cover more topics such as bone muscle joint injuries(break/sprains etc) poisons, heat/cold Emergencies etc.   This is the higher level course covering an entire book.

Our Province now calls this one Intermediate. Both Standard & Intermediate are on Certificates to cover all Canada Requirements in certifications.

Under OHS regulations this course is for for employers who are more than 19 Staff or if you work too far from help/911.

We recommend this course if you can commit to the 2 days.  This is an excellent foundation to a first aider, every topic is covered. A Standard of learning.




Level A, C, BLS/HCP (please specify)
Duration: 1/2 day-1 Day Depending on LEVEL
Level BLS Certificate valid for One Year. Level C is Valid 3 Years.

BLS used to be Called HCP

It is often required by your workplace to do yearly refreshers in these despite not being expired.

This course provides you with the skills to recognize and respond to emergencies such as choking, CPR, AEDs and more.  Every course has these topics in it.

Level A Covers ADULT Skills

Level C Covers All Skills-Baby, Adult, Child

Level BLS/HCP is Level C with Additional Skills Required to Work in a Health Care Setting.  Basic Life Support. This level should be recertified Yearly.



Marine Basic First Aid CPR AED
Duration: 2 days

Please NOTE:    Marine Basic is also available via Blended Learning

(online course/1 day skills session instead of 2)

Certificate valid for three years. This certificate comes with 2 Certificates.

One Certificate is from Transport Canada.

Marine Basic does not have RECERT option.

You can book above and do Blended Learning. Half online/1 Day Skills in person session.

This Course content is very similar to that of Standard First AID CPR AED.

A CDN number is not required for this course.




Babysitter’s Course (ages 11+)
Duration: 1 day

Reminder this course you must be age11+

We post these courses on our BraveHeart First Aid Babysitters Page.

Follow us there.

This course is the start of importance of safety in our hearts for youth. Whether you plan to babysitter or just have friends over, its important to take this course.

It is a requirement you must be 11 to take this course.

This course covers a lot of first aid skills such as recovery position, choking saves, asthma, allergies, Epi pens, bleeding techniques and more.  Caring for baby, children and toddlers requires patience, engagement and positive energy.  We motivate and train the youth to be their best version of themselves and to handle some emergencies, behaviors and rules.

This is an IN PERSON Course at BraveHeart.

stay safe

Stay Safe (ages 9+)
Duration: 1/2 day

This program comes with a workbook and certificate.  Everyone should take this course even if they already did the babysitters course.

We focus on how to make good decisions when were home alone.  We cover many self first aid topics such as choking when your alone to bleeding techniques.

Its important to recognize and respond to unexpected situations.

it is important to remind youth to respect themselves and be accountable for yourself.

This course touches our hearts.

canine first aid
Canine First Aid Course
Partnering with Maritime Dog First Aid and Hiking Safety
Do you know what to do if your Dog’s Heart stops beating?
What if something is lodged in their throat?  This course might be exactly what you and your family need to deal with doggy emergencies.
We cover Nutrition, Exercise, Dental Care, Poisons, Bandaging, and More.
This is a hands-on Course, CPR Certified Canine First AID Certificate.
Certified Canine Health Canada Course
 $150.00 Tax Included



group training
Custom Company Training
Are you looking to train your company staff as a group?
We offer on-site customized training for your business/organization.  Request a quote.
You are welcome to book our board room here in Kentville on specific dates or we can come to your location.
Safety training together as a workplace is always a great motivating experience.
Emergency First Aid CPR AED Level C is one day course
Standard First Aid CPR AED Level C is Two Days.
Recerts are Half the course time but certificates CAN NOT be expired.
Ask us for Details.


  • Confined Space Entry (for NS or Federal workplaces)
  • Effective OHS Committees (for Federal or NS workplaces)
  • Effective Safety Leadership
  • Energy Lock-out/Tag-out
  • Fall Protection (for NS or Federal workplaces)
  • Hazard ID and Control
  • Incident Investigation
  • OHS Rights and Responsibilities
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Culture
  • Trenching and Excavation
  • Workplace Electrical Safety
  • Workplace Inspection
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Management