Babysitter’s Course (ages 11+)
Duration: 1 Day


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This course is the start of importance of safety in our hearts for youth. Whether you plan to babysitter or just have friends over, its important to take this course.

It is a requirement you must be 11 to take this course.

This course covers a lot of first aid skills such as recovery position, choking saves, asthma, allergies, Epi pens, bleeding techniques and more.  Caring for baby, children and toddlers requires patience, engagement and positive energy.  We motivate and train the youth to be their best version of themselves and to handle some emergencies, behaviors and rules.

This is an IN PERSON Course at BraveHeart.



Stay Safe (ages 9+)
Duration: 1/2 Day


This program comes with a workbook and certificate.  Everyone should take this course even if they already did the babysitters course.

We focus on how to make good decisions when were home alone.  We cover many self first aid topics such as choking when your alone to bleeding techniques.

Its important to recognize and respond to unexpected situations.

it is important to remind youth to respect themselves and be accountable for yourself.

This course touches our hearts.